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FP6291 Datasheet(Folha de dados) 8 Page - Feeling Technology Corp.

Nome de Peças. FP6291
descrição  1MHz, 2.5A Step-Up Current Mode PWM Converter
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Fbricantes  FEELING [Feeling Technology Corp.]
Página de início  http://www.feeling-tech.com.tw/

 8 page
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This datasheet contains new product information. Feeling Technology reserves the rights to modify the product specification without notice.
No liability is assumed as a result of the use of this product. No rights under any patent accompany the sales of the product.
Website: http://www.feeling-tech.com.tw
Rev. 0.70
Application Information
Inductor Selection
Inductance value is decided based on different condition. 3.3uH to 4.7µH inductor value is
recommended for general application circuit. There are three important inductor specifications, DC
resistance, saturation current and core loss. Low DC resistance has better power efficiency. Also, it
avoid inductor saturation which will cause circuit system unstable and lower core loss at 1 MHz.
Capacitor Selection
The output capacitor is required to maintain the DC voltage. Low ESR capacitors are preferred to
reduce the output voltage ripple. Ceramic capacitor of X5R and X7R are recommended, which have
low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and wider operation temperature range.
Diode Selection
Schottky diodes with fast recovery times and low forward voltages are recommended. Ensure the
diode average and peak current rating exceed the average output current and peak inductor current. In
addition, the diode’s reverse breakdown voltage must exceed the output voltage.
Output Voltage Programming
The output voltage is set by a resistive voltage divider from the output voltage to FB. The output
voltage is:
 
Layout Considerations
1. The power traces, consisting of the GND trace, the LX trace and the VCC trace should be kept
short, direct and wide.
2. LX、L and D switching node, wide and short trace to reduce EMI.
3. Place CIN near VCC pin as closely as possible to maintain input voltage steady and filter out the
pulsing input current.
4. The resistive divider R1and R2 must be connected to FB pin directly as closely as possible.
5. FB is a sensitive node. Please keep it away from switching node, LX.
6. The GND of the IC, CIN and COUT should be connected close together directly to a ground

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