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K-MC1 Datasheet(Folha de dados) 7 Page - RFbeam Microwave GmbH

Nome de Peças. K-MC1
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Fbricantes  RFBEAM [RFbeam Microwave GmbH]
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Sampling sequence
To simplify signal processing sequence, output sampling may be done immediately after /ENABLE
goes high (1) or before next /ENABLE (2).
Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages:
Sampling point (1) contains a constant overshoot, i.e. sampled output signal becomes shifted by
a constant DC component. There is no loss of sensitivity.
Sampling point (2) corresponds to the real mixer output, as long as sleep time is short enough. But
with longer off times, signal amplitude decreases.
As a rule of thumb: with a repeat frequency of 1kHz (duty cycle of 7µs/1ms = 0.7%) amplitude loss is
3dB approx. This situation is shown in the figure below.
Sampling signal (tc = 1ms, ton = 7us)
Output signal decreases during the off-period with
a timeconstant of 4.8ms approx.
Fig. 8: x_AC output amplitude decreases during sleep time.
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