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MF-PSML-X Datasheet(Folha de dados) 6 Page - Bourns Electronic Solutions

Nome de Peças. MF-PSML-X
descrição  Low Ohmic PTC Resettable Fuses
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Fbricantes  BOURNS [Bourns Electronic Solutions]
Página de início  http://www.bourns.com

 6 page
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3312 - 2 mm SMD Trimming Potentiometer
Application Notice
MFAN 12/18
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Users should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.
The products described herein and this document are subject to specific legal disclaimers as set forth on the last page of this document, and at www.bourns.com/docs/legal/disclaimer.pdf.
Bourns® Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuses
• Users are responsible for independent and adequate evaluation of Bourns® Multifuse® Polymer PTC devices in the user’s
application, including the PPTC device characteristics stated in the applicable data sheet.
• Polymer PTC devices must not be allowed to operate beyond their stated maximum ratings. Operation in excess of such
maximum ratings could result in damage to the PTC device and possibly lead to electrical arcing and/or fire. Circuits with
inductance may generate a voltage above the rated voltage of the polymer PTC device and should be thoroughly evaluated
within the user’s application during the PTC selection and qualification process.
• Polymer PTC devices are intended to protect against adverse effects of temporary overcurrent or overtemperature
conditions up to rated limits and are not intended to serve as protective devices where overcurrent or overvoltage conditions
are expected to be repetitive or prolonged.
• In normal operation, polymer PTC devices experience thermal expansion under fault conditions. Thus, a polymer PTC
device must be protected against mechanical stress, and must be given adequate clearance within the user’s application to
accommodate such thermal expansion. Rigid potting materials or fixed housings or coverings that do not provide adequate
clearance should be thoroughly examined and tested by the user, as they may result in the malfunction of polymer PTC
devices if the thermal expansion is inhibited.
• Exposure to lubricants, silicon-based oils, solvents, gels, electrolytes, acids, and other related or similar materials may
adversely affect the performance of polymer PTC devices.
• Aggressive solvents may adversely affect the performance of polymer PTC devices. Conformal coating, encapsulating,
potting, molding, and sealing materials may contain aggressive solvents including but not limited to xylene and toluene,
which are known to cause adverse effects on the performance of polymer PTCs. Such aggressive solvents must be
thoroughly cured or baked to ensure their complete removal from polymer PTCs to minimize the possible adverse effect
on the device.
• Recommended storage conditions should be followed at all times. Such conditions can be found on the applicable data
sheet and on the Multifuse® Polymer PTC Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification (MSL) note:

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