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DS1620 Datasheet(Folha de dados) 1 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

Nome de Peças. DS1620
descrição  Operating Instructions
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Fbricantes  MAXIM [Maxim Integrated Products]
Página de início  http://www.maxim-ic.com

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The DS1703K is a software evaluation kit designed for use with the Dallas Semiconductor family of
3-wire temperature sensing devices. Full device functionality is supported for the DS1620, DS1720,
DS1626, DS1726, and DS1722. The SPI interface of the DS1722 is also supported. All user registers
can be accessed through the software, allowing full read/write control of the devices. Both
Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readouts are provided for ease of use.
The software was designed for WindowsTM operating systems, and has been tested on Windows 98,
Windows 2000, and Windows NT operating systems.
The first step required to run the DS1703K evaluation software is to connect the DS9123 to an
available serial port on the desired computer. The DS9123 is the serial interface brick that translates
the serial data to the 3-Wire interface. With the DS9123 connected, the user can run the
DS1703K.exe executable. The evaluation board does not need to be present to run the software. The
first screen displayed is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. DS1703K Splash Screen
If the DS9123 module is not present, the software will not load completely and the message box
shown in Figure 2 appears. If this message appears, there is a problem communicating with the
DS9123, and the connection should be verified.
Figure 2. Unable to Initialize Screen
Operating Instructions
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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