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BD9P105MUF-CE2 Folha de dados(PDF) 7 Page - Rohm

Nome de Peças BD9P105MUF-CE2
Descrição Electrónicos  3.5 V to 40 V Input, 1 A Single 2.2 MHz Buck DC/DC Converter For Automotive
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Fabricante Electrônico  ROHM [Rohm]
Página de início  http://www.rohm.com
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BD9P105MUF-CE2 Folha de dados(HTML) 7 Page - Rohm

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28.Apr.2020 Rev.001
TSZ22111 • 15 • 001
BD9P1x5MUF-C Series
Description of Blocks
This block is the internal power supply for TSD and VREF circuits.
This block is the internal power supply circuit. It outputs 3.3 V (Typ) and is the power supply to the control circuit and
This is the thermal shutdown circuit. It will shut down the device when the junction temperature (Tj) reaches to 175 °C
(Typ) or more. When the Tj falls below the TSD threshold with hysteresis of 25 °C (Typ), the circuits are automatically
restored to normal operation.
The VREF block generates the internal reference voltage.
The POR block is power on reset for internal logic circuit. The IC releases power on reset and starts operation with soft
start when the VIN rises to 3.8 V (Typ) or more.
The UVLO block is for under voltage lockout protection. It will shut down the device when the VREG falls to 2.85 V (Typ)
or less. This protection is released when VREG voltage increase to 2.95 V (Typ) or more.
This block detects the MODE pin signal and controls switching mode. When the MODE pin is logic high level or is
applied external clock, switching operation becomes forced PWM mode regardless load current. When the MODE pin is
open or logic low level, switching operation changes between PWM and light load operation depending on load current.
This block generates the clock frequency. When the clock is applied to the MODE pin, it synchronizes to external clock.
Connect the SSCG pin to GND to disable Spread Spectrum function and connect the SSCG pin to the VREG pin to
enable it.
This is the output over voltage protection (OVP) circuit. When the output voltage +7.3 % (Typ) or more of the normal
regulation voltage, VOUT is reduced by forced PWM switching. After output voltage falls +4.7 % (Typ) or less, the
operation recovers into normal condition.
This is the short circuit protection circuit. After soft start is completed, the switching is disabled if the output voltage falls
SCP Threshold voltage or less for 0.9 ms (Typ). This short circuit protection is maintained for 30 ms (Typ) and then
automatically released.
Soft Start
This function starts up the output voltage taking 3 ms (Typ) to prevent the overshoot.
This block is an error amplifier and its inputs are the reference voltage 0.8 V (Typ) and the FB voltage.
This block sends the signal Vc which is composed of the GmAmp1 output and the current sense signal to PWM Comp.
This block clamps GmAmp1 output voltage and inductor current. It works as the over current protection and LLM control
This block clamps GmAmp2 output voltage.
Current Sense
This block detects the amount of change in inductor current through the Low Side FET and sends a current sense signal
to GmAmp2.

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