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BD63621MUV Folha de dados(PDF) 6 Page - Rohm

Nome de Peças. BD63621MUV
descrição  Stepping Motor Driver
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Fbricantes  ROHM [Rohm]
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BD63621MUV Folha de dados(HTML) 6 Page - Rohm

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Protection circuits
○Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
This IC has a built-in thermal shutdown circuit for thermal protection.
hen the IC’s chip temperature rises above 175°C(Typ) the motor output becomes OPEN. Also, when the temperature
returns to under 150°C(Typ), it automatically returns to normal operation.
However, even when TSD is in operation, if heat
is continued to be added externally, heat overdrive can lead to destruction.
○Over Current Protection (OCP)
This IC has a built in over current protection circuit as a provision against destruction when the motor outputs are shorted
each other or VCC-motor output or motor output-GND is shorted. This circuit latches the motor output to OPEN condition
when the regulated threshold current flows for 4µs (Typ). It returns with power reactivation or a reset of the PS terminal.
The over current protection circuit’s only aim is to prevent the destruction of the IC from irregular situations such as motor
output shorts, and is not meant to be used as protection or security for the set. Therefore, sets should not be designed to
take into account this circuit’s functions. After OCP operating, if irregular situations continues and the return by power
reactivation or a reset of the PS terminal is carried out repeatedly, then OCP operates repeatedly and the IC may generate
heat or otherwise deteriorate. When the L value of the wiring is great due to the wiring being long, after the over current has
flowed and the output terminal voltage jumps up and the absolute maximum values may be exceeded and as a result, there
is a possibility of destruction. Also, when current which is over the output current rating and under the OCP detection
current flows, the IC can heat up to over Tjmax=150°C and can deteriorate, so current which exceeds the output rating
should not be applied.
○Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
This IC has a built-in under voltage lock out function to prevent false operation such as IC output during power supply under
voltage. When the applied voltage to the VCC terminal goes under 5V (Typ), the motor output is set to OPEN.
This switching voltage has a 1V (Typ) hysteresis to prevent false operation by noise etc. Please be aware that this circuit
does not operate during power save mode. Also, the electrical angle is reset when the UVLO circuit operates during CLK-IN
drive mode.
○Over Voltage Lock Out (OVLO)
This IC has a built-in over voltage lock out function to protect the IC output and the motor during power supply over voltage.
When the applied voltage to the VCC terminal goes over 32V (Typ), the motor output is set to OPEN.
This switching voltage has a 1V (Typ) hysteresis and a 4µs (Typ) mask time to prevent false operation by noise etc.
Although this over voltage locked out circuit is built-in, there is a possibility of destruction if the absolute maximum value for
power supply voltage is exceeded, therefore the absolute maximum value should not be exceeded. Please be aware that
this circuit does not operate during power save mode.
○Ghost Supply Prevention (protects against malfunction when power supply is disconnected)
If a signal (logic input, MTH, VREF) is input when there is no power supplied to this IC, there is a function which prevents
the false operation by voltage supplied via the electrostatic destruction prevention diode from these input terminals to the
VCC to this IC or to another IC’s power supply. Therefore, there is no malfunction of the circuit even when voltage is
supplied to these input terminals while there is no power supply.
○Operation Under Strong Electromagnetic Field
The IC is not designed for using in the presence of strong electromagnetic field. Be sure to confirm that no malfunction is
found when using the IC in a strong electromagnetic field.

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