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BD77501G Folha de dados(PDF) 16 Page - Rohm

Nome de Peças BD77501G
Descrição Electrónicos  High Speed Ground Sense Excellent EMI Characteristics CMOS Operational Amplifier
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Fabricante Electrônico  ROHM [Rohm]
Página de início  http://www.rohm.com
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BD77501G Folha de dados(HTML) 16 Page - Rohm

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30.Oct.2020 Rev.003
TSZ22111 • 15 • 001
Application Information - continued
1. Unused Circuits
When there are unused circuits, it is recommended that they are connected
as in the right figure, and set the non-inverting input pin to electric potential
within the input common-mode voltage range (VICM).
2. Input Voltage
Applying VDD+0.3V to the input pin is possible without causing deterioration
of the electrical characteristics or destruction, regardless of the supply
voltage. However, this does not ensure circuit operation. Note that the circuit
operates normally only when the input voltage is within the common-mode
input voltage range of the electric characteristics.
3. Power Supply (single/dual)
The Op-Amp operates when the voltage is supplied between the VDD and
VSS pin. Therefore, the single supply Op-Amp can be used as dual supply
Op-Amp as well.
4. Output Capacitor
When the VDD pin is shorted to VSS (GND) electric potential in a state where electric charge is accumulated in the external
capacitor that is connected to the output pin, the accumulated electric charge flow through parasitic elements or pin
protection elements inside the circuit and discharges to the VDD pin. It may cause damage to the elements inside the
circuit (thermal destruction). When using this IC as an application circuit which does not constitute a negative feedback
circuit and does not occur the oscillation by an output capacitive load such as a voltage comparator, connect a capacitor
of 0.1 µF or less to the output pin to prevent IC damage caused by the accumulation of electric charge as mentioned above.
5. Oscillation by Output Capacitor
Pay attention to the oscillation by capacitive load in designing an application which constitutes a negative feedback loop
circuit with this IC.
6. Handling the IC
Applying mechanical stress to the IC by deflecting or bending the board may cause fluctuations of the electrical
characteristics due to the piezo resistance effects. Pay attention to defecting or bending the board.
Figure 24. Example of application
unused circuit processing

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